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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 25, 2014 12:35am-1:06am EST

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♪ you're going to find it tonight on "nightline," man up. that's what the new stay at home husbands say they're doing. >> hi, sweetheart. >> from changing diapers to packing lunch. they're in charge of everything except for the bank account. do you find this sexy? but there's a backlash. tonight, why it's not all happy on the home front. plus, american hustlers. amy adams and christian bale on what it took for them to say yes to what turned out to be one of the hottest movies this awards season. and how this bad hair and these low cut dresses just might lead to oscar gold. and big mac. >> i would like to show you macintosh in person. >> many inventions never live to see their 30th birthday.
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but today, the computer that changed the world turned the big three-oh. >> the next ones are going to be even better.
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good evening. and thanks for joining us. imagine this -- men stay at home doing the house work while we women go to work. forget the backlash over stay at home moms. now it's stay at home dads under fire. that's right, trophy husbands are ruling the playground as their high-powered wives stake out the corner office. so is dad the new mom? >> jake howard potter is used to being a fish out of water. >> what are some of the things you guys do in class? >> floating on our back. >> he's been a stay at home dad for almost four years. >> mommy! >> is that her? i don't think so.
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>> we were with him two years ago when his daughter skyler was still in diapers. today he has his hands full with the new addition, 8-month-old lyndon. >> it's really just amazing to watch and be a part of. i'm definitely still enjoying it. it's quite a bit more work than i had anticipated. it's very difficult to be in more than one place at one time. >> he does everything a mom would do, from swim class to nap time. >> night, night take a nap. >> there are certainly a lot more fathers that are a lot more involved. because it's become much more prevalent in the media, because it's been written about more, buzz there's more people doing it, i think it's much less weird dad on the play ground with a kid. >> it wasn't long ago that they were portrayed as bungling mr. moms. like the clueless guys from
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"three men and a baby" who couldn't figure out how to change a diaper. but today's stay at home dads are geared up and pushing strollers with pride. like the dudes group from "what to expect when you're expecting." >> in reality, people sort of think of, you know, stay at home dads at the bumbling mr. mom from the movies. whether that's a setup by hollywood and then has been reinforced by the public, it's certainly something that i considered when i decided to be a stay at home dad. you know, all that being said, i challenge anybody that's sitting in an office for eight hours a day to come try to do what i do with these two kids on daily basis. >> but it's not all play dates and playgrounds. stay at home fathers can still be a target for ridicule. just last month, a doting dad uploaded this photo of himself doing his daughter's hair. it went viral. some women swooned.
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but the haters came out, too. with ugly comments. he probably rented those kids. they don't even look like him. or i would bet anything that you're a deadbeat. but his simple message was a blog post called i have a dream that people will view a picture like this and not think it's a big deal. tom stockey shares that dream. he took four months off from his job at facebook to care for his newborn daughter. >> she would find new things to try to eat, new things to try to stick her fingers into. there was dangers loom on all sides. >> but he was surprised by all the unsolicited comments he got, often snarky, that he got. >> stockey vented on facebook about comments slamming moms who work when dads don't. one stranger cracked, it's too bad you can't earn as much as your wife so she can be the one to stay home. >> i think it's a traditional
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gender stereotype that we all buy into to some extent that mommys are better at daddies. >> mommys are better at that kind of mommying than daddies. >> lisa miller wrote a controversial piece called retro wife where she says women shouldn't feel bad about opting out of their career. >> this idea that you have to go out as a woman and, you know, be ambitious and be driven and play with the big boys, that's a very specific message for a very specific kind of woman. most women, and i would venture to say, most people, don't have that kind of ambition. and are never going to make that kind of money. naen lig and in light of that, what is the harm in deciding to stay home with your children. >> on the flip side, stay at home dads have to fight the perception that they're mooching off their white's salary. >> most people think i'm a bum.
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i should be out there working, why is my wife working, i'm not working. and i'm like, i am working. if it was reverse you wouldn't say she's a bum you would say oh, what a great mother she is. i'm a great father. >> for a lot of stay at home dads, it is strictly a number the game. their wives outowner them. jake is an artist and his wife is a tax lawyer. >> say bye-bye. >> we spent the day at her office before baby number two. >> i can sit and be a lawyer and be very focused and sit at a desk and, you know, i'm a tax lawyer. so i can look at tax returns and change numbers. this changes this number. this is not the way his mind works. and it's very frustrated to him. >> the women like erica who bring home the bacon are often criticized for not being home with their kids. on this night, she had only 30 minutes of mommy and me time. >> a lot of women i know, even
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hardworking, ambitious, out in the work force women hold this idea that unless they make the sandwich, the sandwich isn't as good. >> marriages like jake and erica's are still in the minority. even though the number of at-home dads doubled in the past ten years, it's still a small number, less than 200,000. working ma mom beyonce sings around running the world. ♪ who run the world ♪ girls >> she cently weighed in on an editorial on working women. we need to stop buy into the myth about gender equality. it isn't a reality yet. the average working woman earns only 77% of what the average man makes. men have to demand that their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters earn more. so why are we viewed as less equal? >> the most stressful thing on a marriage is when people are living roles that they didn't expect. they will find it emasculating
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if they have an idea of themselves as the knight in shining armor, the breadwinner. >> but for jake, there's nothing unmanly about being a dad. >> in some ways, guys who stay home with their kids are actually even more manly. they're kind of able to put their egos aside and really do what's necessary to take care of the kids. >> makes you rethink things. coming up next for us, the a-list stars of "american hustle" give us the real story behind the hottest movie this awards season. the recent increase in cafeteria prices is not cool. when you vote for flo, we'll have discounts. ice-cream discounts. multi-cookie discounts. pizza loyalty discounts! [ kids chanting "flo!" ] i also have some great ideas on car insurance.
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>> you may not think of american hustle as an underdog. christian bale kept turning him down. it's more than just the characters who had to hustle. here's chris connelly with our series "oscar confidential." >> people believe what they want to believe. the guy who made this so good that it's real to everybody. >> how's this for real? more than $100 million earned at the u.s. box office. ten academy award nominations. including ones in each of the four acting categories. proof that "american hustle's" appeal is no con job. >> he wasn't necessarily in good
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shape and he had this comb over that was rather elaborate. >> for best actor and best actress nomineeshristian bale and amy adams. their con artist's couple secret weapons, the way they get potential marks to fall for a scam is by first telling them no. >> the key to people is what they believe and what they want to believe. >> i think that when you say no, it creates allure and it makes people more curious. i think that can happen in relationships as well. the more people push you away, the closer you want to get to them. >> can we talk business. >> it's that taboo. i discovered that working in films as well. when you turn something down, they keep coming back with better offers because they don't really believe you. >> i was there the whole time. you don't really know it. y become somebody people can pin their dreams on. >> now almost 40, bale initially turned down the chance to play
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irving rosenfeld on the movie based on the scams in the 1970s until bale's spouse stepped up for him. >> i said i don't have the time to do this properly. and my wife got on the phone and she said, he will talk out of everything. just ignore him. he can do this. thankfully she was right and i thank you very much for having sorted that out. >> we've got to get over on all these guy ps . >> adams found herself drawn in by the vision of her character, scripper turned grifter sidney that rus shell shared in their initial meeting. >> he said i want her to be the smartest person in the room. i want her to be just a survivor, and i really keyed in with that. >> you're going to have to decide for yourself, kit. i just laid everything on the table. >> strength is so much fun to play for me. it's so much fun to be the person who doesn't care what anybody else thinks because it's
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just so not who i am. >> bale cast aside his dark batman silhouette, messed on his hairline and packed on some 50 pounds, thanks to the real life con man who partnered with the fbi to catch dirty politicians. >> i was greatly inspired seeing members of earl wineberg. he's a charming figure who sort of waddles. i said i have to pursue, i have to ask for that man. it just became me saying i don't see how to play it without looking that way. >> what's the "s" stand for. >> for her character so different from lois lane in the man of steal or "her's" lonely game designer. she decided she would say yes to the dres. >> i could only dream about these dresses they're beautiful. >> and no to pretty much anything beneath it. daring to bear first urged on her by custom designer michael
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wilkinson. >> he was smart. there was a sort of confidence that happens because your posture has to change to keep everything in place. the idea in her mind is if men aren't paying attention to the details when they're distracted, maybe they won't ask as many questions. >> adams and bale worked together before on a david russell film "the fighter" which bale won a best supporting actor oscar. >> we didn't have that many scenes together in "the fighter" but the good thing is we've been through the process with working with david. we know what to expect. >> the first time i worked with him, he was sending texts during a table read about his ideas about my character. i thought oh, my gosh, he hates what i'm doing when really he was just excited and coming up with ideas. 24 hours a day david is texting you. so you are really committed. >> you don't ever just turn it off and say -- >> i do. i have a kid. >> a lot of actors like to be very controlled, know exactly
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what's happening. and i'm not that kind of actor. i like it to be very spontaneous. i don't mind saying it's chaotic. i don't know if david would appreciate hearing that word used. and i think you really strike gold sometimes when you have that attitude. >> he died this year. he saved my life many time 37s. >> mine, too. >> during preproduction that song "jeeps blues" would send adams into a private reverie that russell and her co-star bradley cooper would witness. >> did you come upon amy adams dancing to that duke ellington song in your production song at one point? >> yes. and there's amy with the lights kind of off dancing like ann-margret in my office. >> there's things you don't think people will talk about. and then it's revealed you're doing a dance number in a
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production office. >> each powering these american hustle oscar nominated perform mans. and lessons from bale's real-life role m.d. odel. >> you believe what you believe as you're doing it. and to be a con man, you have to have a big set of balls, you know? >> i would assume that's important. >> that's important, i guess. he said a good line of [ bleep ] and a big set of balls. >> i'm chris connelly for "nightline" in los angeles. >> our thanks to the ever clever chris connelly. up next, 30 years ago today, apple unveiled the macintosh computer. but what's next for the ground breaking company? our exclusive interview coming up. ♪ [ female announcer ] if you're struggling with bipolar depression, there are treatment options. ask your doctor if once a day latuda, lurasidone hcl, may help you. in clinical studies, latuda has been shown to be effective for many people struggling with bipolar depression.
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>> some would argue it's hard to remember a world with the now ubiquitous apple. what does the thought of standing in line for hours for the latest upgrade for a gadget seemed ridiculous. but apple has made a business out of the creating that kind of techno buzz. and on the 30th birthday of the
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mac, abc's david meir sat down for an exclusive interview with apple's ceo, tim cook. >> 30 years ago today, america meets the mac. >> on january 24, apple computer will introduce macintosh. >> steve jobs in his trademark unveiling. >> now i would like to show you macintosh in person. >> happy anniversary, i should say. >> yes. >> who would have thought, 30 years 1234. >> who wow thought. >> and still looking great. >> and the next 30 are going to be even better. >> we were invited inside happenle to constituent down with the manjobs hand picked to lead apple after him. he wakes up every day at 3:45. >> you get e-mails every day. do you read them? >> yes, i do. it's a privilege. >> how many do you read a day? >> i get probably 700 or 800. and i read the majority of those. >> every day? >> every day. every day. i'm a workaholic. which helps. >> steve laughs, but it's true and infectious.
1:04 am
>> i knew the moment that i saw the mac in '84 that some day i would work at apple. >> we were work on something that would change the way people interacted with computers. >> secrecy is part of the culture and excitement at apple. >> it is. we believe fundamentally that people love surprises. >> there's stories of black drapes over products in development. true? >> yes. black drapes, numerous locked doors and other thins. >> even employees who can't tell their family at home what they're working on. >> that's true. >> what are you a navy s.e.a.l.? >> the vhs machine, gone. some things that have survived, the stair master, still sitting in the corner gathering dust. the minivan, still pretty ungainly. but the mac has einvolved, an example of form meeting function. >> will there be a new product in the years ahead? >> there's always new products in every year. you know, so that's something
1:05 am
you can always count on. you can always bet that there's something around the corner. and that this team and the team that we are represent that's not in the room are very hard at work. if you went office by office here on this campus right now, you would see things that would blow your mind. >> show me. >> that i can't do. but that is the heart beat of this place. >> for "nightline," in new york. >> we're going to have to pick david muir's brain. our thanks to him. and thanks for watching abc news. "good morning america" tomorrow and as always we're online at abc


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